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    Our most requested feature has been the ability to connect and stream your favorite music and playlists directly through your CLMBR, providing greater customization for your music experience. With our latest update, you will be able to control your CLMBR workout music like never before. With YouTube Music, Soundcloud, and iHeartRadio (more providers to come), you can listen to your favorite artist, genre, radio station, or playlist as you workout. We have included some step-by-step user guides below along with some additional information and FAQs. Zendesk CLMBR Music Update May 2024-02.png


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    Additional Information and FAQs:• YouTube Music, Soundcloud, and iHeartRadio will be replacing the
       previously available “FeedFM”  powered music player.• As part of the updated music player options on CLMBR, there will be no more Rhythm classes that are restricted to only “one-play” (HIIT and Interval climbs will still be available).• The music “Genre” filter will be removed since you can now search by music genre within the music platforms• You do not have to play any music through CLMBR using one of the available music players, in which case the instructor voice will still be available.• The music player update will not change the list of available instructors, classes, or collections.• We will continue to release new classes weekly.Do I need to do anything to ensure that my CLMBR is updated?
    Make sure that your CLMBR is powered on and connected to the internet (display can be in sleep mode) and we will automatically push the update to your CLMBR.What if I don’t have an account for any of the 3 available music platforms?
    You can still use any of the 3 available music players without signing in or creating an account. (Note: Listening without an account may be subject to intermediate advertising within a given music platform.)No music seems to be playing or I don’t see the update on my CLMBR, is that normal?
    It is possible your machine is on an older version of our app software that does not support our new music system. To ensure your app software is up to date,make sure that your CLMBR is powered on and connected to a stable WiFi network. You can also check your app version in the app by clicking the settings menu to ensure that it is the latest version: CLMBR 1.9.10 (368) or 1.9.10 (371).If I sign into my music platform account, will I remain signed in for each following workout?
    Yes, your account will remain logged in.Will there be additional music providers added to CLMBR?
    We are currently working with additional providers to determine if they can be added.Additional questions or issues?
    Please contact CLMBR support at or
    (909) 330-3897* The names and logos of these streaming services trademarks of such streaming services or their affiliates or licensors, and are not owned or endorsed by CLMBR. There is no affiliation with any specific artist and CLMBR, all images are for instructional purposes.


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  • About Us: How CLMBR Got Started


    Director of Training and Education, Christa Dellebovi, is at the CLMBR Headquarters in Denver giving you a behind the scenes look at how CLMBR came to life.



    CLMBR was started in 2019 by CEO Avrum Elmakis and is based out of Denver, Colorado. The CLMBR is the first vertical climbing machine to offer at-home connected fitness. The innovative design allows the user to burn calories while also strengthening major muscle groups. Vertical climbing is designed to provide an efficient full-body workout in only 30 minutes. 

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  • Bluetooth Compatibility

    The CLMBR is bluetooth compatible and users are able to connect with their wireless headphones and heart rate monitors. The machine pairs with most headphones and heart rate monitors, with the exception of Apple and Fitbit devices. The CLMBR screen will only be able to stream CLMBR content and classes, additional streaming services are not currently compatible. CLMBR is not able to receive audio from any external music source. 


    Please check back in for updates on new compatibility options offered in the future.



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  • How is CLMBR different from other vertical climbers?

    Vertical climbing is not new. Over the years, there have been countless iterations of the climbing machine, but until now, there have been minimal physical and technological improvements. CLMBR is the first climbing machine to completely rethink not only the design but also the user experience. 


    At CLMBR, we have ditched the old ways of climbing and ushered in a new era of connected fitness. Equipped with a low maintenance, versatile structure and an engaging selection of OnDemand classes, CLMBR promises an innovative user experience, unlike any other climbing machine on the market. 


    The CLMBR has an open central design plan which allows for users to have an unobstructed view of their screen and maintain the proper climbing form, without any barriers. Standing at 88 inches (about 7’4) the CLMBR is perfect for most home gyms. The machine also includes built-in wheels that give the option of mobility and kevlar belts that offer minimal to no maintenance necessary.


    In addition to the attractive physical features of the CLMBR, it also boasts a collection of 400+ classes (guided climbs, collections, challenges, etc) which are included in the Connected Membership. Users can bring the studio to their living room by following along with our 9 Guides as they lead through climbs ranging from beginner to difficult.


    The CLMBR workout is low impact and guarantees a high caloric burn in only a matter of minutes by combining intense cardio and strength training. Resistance varies from 1-11 (lowest to highest) and user form can be shifted to engage different muscle groups. From arms and shoulders to glutes and hamstrings, the CLMBR is a full body workout that will have you feeling the burn after each climb.




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  • Virtual Demos and Demo Locations


    CLMBR offers several demo locations across the country. Visit to view the different demo locations near you. 


    If you are unable to visit the in-person demo locations, you can book a free virtual demo at On this one-on-one video call, you will have the opportunity to learn the features and benefits of CLMBR and ask questions in real-time. Find a time that works for you and book it with the list of times/dates available

    If you're interested in trying a live class, check out Studio CLMBR in Denver, Colorado!


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  • Benefits Of The CLMBR Workout

    Vertical climbing is easy on the joints and allows for life-long use without any negative consequences. Climbing eliminates any pounding on your joints and prevents erratic movement that could cause injury.  By combining cardio and strength training into one workout, CLMBR also allows the body to achieve higher caloric output in less time. Research has shown that vertical climbing can burn an average of 22.3 calories per minute and up to 800 calories in a 30 min session. 

    Superior Cardio + Strength

    The combination of cardio and strength training that CLMBR provides, allows the body to achieve higher output in less time. Vertical climbing tones your arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes, and legs while also providing a calorie blasting cardio workout. Leg and arm day just became one.

    Higher V02 Max

    The maximum rate of oxygen consumption measured during incremental exercise, has been shown to be significantly greater during climbing. Studies have also shown that heart rate is higher while vertical climbing due to the enhanced blood flow and perfusion of arm muscles held overhead against the force of gravity during climbing exercise.

    Continued Caloric Burn

    Studies have shown that vertical climbing can burn an average of 22.3 calories per minute and up to 800 calories in a 30 min session Due to the push of higher VO2 max, this level of output allows the body to continue burning fat and calories for hours after the workout.

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  • CLMBR Machine Weight and Dimensions


    Less than 3 square feet. Any ceiling over 7 1/2 feet. CLMBR fits in almost any space. The footprint of the CLMBR is 35" x 32" x 88" perfect size for at-home use. Pedal clearance is 4.5 inches from the ground.


    CLMBR does not have to be bolted into the ground; however, it is an option if desired. With CLMBR’s lightweight design of 180 pounds and premium caster wheels allow effortless glide away when not in-use or for those with modular spaces.


    For more information on the CLMBR, see here.

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  • CLMBR User Height and Weight Requirements

    CLMBR is able to accommodate a wide range of heights. The hand grips can be adjusted to your height with one inch incremental adjustments.  When the pedals are parallel, the hand grips should be at shoulder height, or slightly below, for proper body position.


    Maximum user weight capacity is 350 lbs. and you must be over 5' and under 6'4" tall. 


    Please consult a doctor if you have any medical questions or concerns about physical capabilities and our CLMBR workout.


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  • Screen and Volume Adjustments

    Screen Adjustments 

    CLMBR Connected has a 21.5” touch screen. The screen display integrates with the machine for improved user functionality and usability. The display tilts forward up to 15 degrees for optimal viewing angles during "off machine" exercise and floor-based workouts. If you are a Metrics+ or Premium member you will have access to the On-Demand experience, offered through CLMBR's screen.

    Adjusting the Volume On Your CLMBR

    One of the many benefits of CLMBR is the immersive experience. There are two ways to adjust the volume on your CLMBR to your preference: the volume button on the right side of the tablet or the volume button on the CLMBR screen.

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  • What is the range of motion on the CLMBR?

    The range of motion on the CLMBR is approximately 20 inches of travel (for both the legs and arms).

    Users taller than 6'4'' must install extender handles to achieve this range of motion. Extender handles are available for purchase here. 

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  • Does CLMBR have resistance?

    CLMBR includes 11 discrete, magnetic resistance settings (0-11), allowing you to customize your climb and stay on track during individual and group workouts.



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  • What is the maximum speed on the CLMBR?

    The maximum speed depends on the effort of the individual. One of the many reasons why CLMBR is a safe alternative, the user controls the intensity with manually powered person input and self-regulated motion.

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